Friday, September 30, 2011

The Arilic Observer

The true warrior fights from the Mind not the Heart.

The heart is no more than a tool to feed the mind; be that through loyalty, passion, revenge, love, or even competition. A man who fights only with the heart is blinded to his surroundings and himself. He only thinks about why he is fighting and not how to engage and actually win the fight. The brain however, when trained and fed by the proper motivation, is the deadliest weapon a warrior can have and is the core of the warriors fighting. In the end, it does not matter how quick or strong you are (though those are contributing factors). The brain is quicker, stronger, and smarter than any muscle in the body and should be used to its fullest. A true warrior is always the student and never the master. The true warrior knows he can always learn more and can never truly master any combat form, being that there is Always room for improvement.  So, the next time you draw your sword and go blindly charging into battle, think not of what you are killing but what you’re allowing to live.

Article written by:

Disciple William Althorne of Grimloch

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