Monday, September 12, 2011

Question of the Week - 5

Do you think we should have "witchcraft rules"?  If so what ooc items do you think should fall under them and which do you think should be allowed?
Editor: For the newer players, the term "witchcraft rules" applies to out-of-character items and actions, such as flashlights, cameras, t-shirts with modern day logos, talking about the latest video game, etc.


  1. I've never been a fan of witchcraft rules. They can be unwelcoming to new players, and things like wristwatches are more or less integral to the modern event. The use of cameras, especially by a dedicated staff photographer, add to the game, in my opinion. People who play love to see shots of the action afterwards and think "That was a great battle."

  2. I am a fan of witchcraft rules.

    Even when there were witchcraft rules in the past there was a way to get around it. Thing like Cameras had to have a tag that basically said that it was okay for the person to use. "Witchcraft Rules" do not prevent people from going and taking pictures at an event. I also seem to remember lots of creative people coming up with very creative ways to hide mundane things... (such as wrist watches, etc). One person has a necklace with a hidden clock in it, another had a broach with a hidden clock in it, another had a ring, and yet another had a bracer with a flap that opened concealing his wrist watch. Some people use to have containers hiding their lighters (leather) someone had a dragon housing on one. [which i presume started the term "pocket dragon" which is still used by some today.] People who drank filled leather covered bottles with their poison of choice, or used easier things like drinking horns, flasks, etc.

    While I think that mundane things detract from the "ambiance" they are probably too en-meshed in our culture to just get rid of them. I also feel that your best and most valid point was that it does make things a little harder for the first (or 4th) event newbie. When I first started this game I had crap for garb. Most of the people that I started playing with had crap for garb. We were poor. However, I would also like to point out that there have been several great initiatives started since then. Such as the Newbie bin (of which I think there are now two), A lot of events now have player run stores that accept gold for garb (Kyomie comes first to my mind, but there are others.)

    Ok I think I wrote a lot more then I intended. :) I'll step off my soap box now. heh.