Friday, September 23, 2011

Outside the Realms - 9/23/11 Roundup

Here is a roundup of some interesting articles from around the internet that deal with LARPing. 

Umstead Park hosts epic battles
The North Raleigh News has an article by a writer who went to a LARP in his area of North Carolina. It was interesting reading an outsider's view on what we do. One of the people he talked with said, "You can sit around and play video games all day all by yourself, but with friends and being around people and stuff, it's way better." You can find the article here.

LARP: Prayers on a Porcelain Altar
From the UK we have a look at a different type of LARP style. There is no boffer combat, but it still may be of interest to some of our player base. Basically, you play the character of someone who just woke up with a hangover after a party. From there things go downhill. You can find the article here.

Screw It, I'll Play Make Believe
The Documentary Channel is doing a, well, a documentary on LARPs. I am not sure what cable channel that is in our area, but if someone manages to catch it, can you let us know how it is. Of course, it is airing at 2am. You can find the article here. 

Advice for First-Time Roleplayers
Over at the website Lizzie Stark, they give some pointers for players about to attend their first LARP. There is some good basic advice there for newer players such as "When in doubt, just introduce yourself". You can check out the article here. They also have an older article on being a first-time event holder here.

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