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A Fighting Chance - Bois/Bedlam/Infinite Dark by Leanne "Faelinn" Hoffman

Welcome to "A Fighting Chance".  This article series is dedicated to various threats of Realms and how you can become involved.

Threat: Bois/Bedlam/Infinite Dark
Plot Masters; The Fae Staff (Matthew Brenner, Sean Veale, Dave Martin, Janna Oakfellow-Pushee, Doug Fisher, Karen Veale, Laura Hoffman)
Plot Start: ~2004

What are bois?  Simply put, bois is the stuff of the plane of Bedlam. Bois is a moving darkness, thought to be uncaring and singularly driven to absorb and consume everything it touches.  Rel Zhirah coined the phrase "Infinite Dark" when trying to describe the seemingly endless masses of Bedlam bois.

There is so much information and history available, we cannot begin to cover it all in this article.  Here are some things to start you off.

The Monsters:
When you stare into the Darkness, the Darkness stares back...

An "infinite moving mass of darkness" does not sound like much, but pieces of Bedlam and bois have changed and adapted to become different types of darkness.  All bois are entirely black (black garb/clothing with no exposed skin) and are completely silent (do not verbalize shots).  Often you will see bois before you hear them coming.  Most bois can be killed with normal weapons, but it may take a few blows to destroy them (typically have 1 or 2 point sectional armor).  Some specialized bois have long tentacles, giant "brains" or a corrupting touch.  These are usually easy to pick out as they look very different from other bois (specialized garb and accessories).

The Plane of Bedlam sometimes leaks into other worlds, bringing bois with it.  Bedlam itself is incredibly dangerous, as to die in Bedlam is to die forever (you receive 3 ticks if you die in Bedlam).  Fortunately, Bedlam is usually easy to spot (black plastic with purple light sticks) and avoid.  Spells do not work in Bedlam and no one who enters can speak.  It is rumored Knights of the Eternal Flame, Knights of the Realms and Magi of the Realms' powers are able to work there.  (Calls of "Knight!" and "Mage!" are able to be called in Bedlam if you are part of those orders)

So you are set to fight bois, but what do you bring?

Weapons of any type will be the most helpful, as most common bois are affected by normal weapons.  Some specialized bois require Northern Light (special gifts from Father Yule), silver or magic weapons to take them down.  Silver weapons wielded while wearing hematite rings are specifically useful against Soul Leech bois (gives you the weapon call Soul Channel), allowing you to draw out the souls they have taken.

Bring those shields and armor!   While bois are incredibly aggressive and relentless, they typically cannot pierce through armor or break shields.  Wearing armor can mean the difference between stopping the tide and being swept up by it.

A friendly Channeller's "Protect the Soul" spell will prevent possession from Puppetmasters, who can control unattended dead bodies.  In Chimeron, morticians can also preserve the corpse of a fallen ally from such attacks.

Do not go it alone.

Swarms of bois have been known to cut off wandering adventurers, making rescue very difficult.  Some specialized bois even know tactics and will use their numbers to their advantage.  Expect bois around every corner and pouring forth from every crevice.  Be wary chasing a lone bois, as you might be running into a trap.  There are scarce few places they cannot enter.

Do not become discouraged if your weapon seems to have no effect.  Their shapeless nature hides the damage they have taken (they do not call out armor), but they are not invincible.  Many bois are hardy against attacks and will take multiple hits before dispersing.

Be sure to quickly communicate the appearance of specialized bois.  These bois are most dangerous when their presence goes unnoticed, allowing them to attack unhindered.  Once these threats are identified, appropriate counter-measures can be taken before these specialized bois can cause too much damage.

Who to talk to:
Knowledge will always light the way.

Want to know more?  There are a few people who are at the forefront of this threat.  Try to catch them at feasts or via missives.  Good people to talk to are Faelinn Shadowmoon, Rel Zhirah, Bright Oakfellow and Malaki of Folkestone.  The Library of Ivory also contains many documents, in case you want to learn more in depth information about Bedlam and bois.

Do you have a threat you want to see covered?  Let me know, so we can give other people a Fighting Chance!

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