Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why I Want to Go- Folkestone Questing 2011

Folkestone Questing 2011: Killing Stories
September 10, 2011 (Saturday 12pm) - September 11, 2011 (Sunday 5pm)

Note: The author of this preview is a member of the event staff for this event.
This will be a pure quest event with fights galore, puzzles to solve and even a chance at some role-playing. The quest for this event is a new one so this is a good place for players to get in on the ground floor; no previous knowledge is required. In the past, the events have thrown a wide variety of challenges at the players and this is likely to continue again this year.

The site of the event has been used for many years now. It is large and has varied terrain without being overgrown. You never know where you will be sent to and what to expect on the site...or by the quests themselves.

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