Monday, May 28, 2012

Question of the Week - 42

Do you use in-character currency? Do you think it has value?


  1. James (that old guy) MurphyMay 28, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    yes, yes I do.
    I run a Blackjack table,
    I buy garb,
    I buy weapons,
    I try to add to the fun of the game

  2. I do.
    It depends on what is available and who I am dealing with and what coin I happen to have on me at the time.

  3. Generally speaking, items cost an exorbitant amount of IC currency, making them inaccessible to all but a few PCs or groups.

    1. This is true. Unless you either A: search every monster, your kill or not or B: have an IC generation of coins... it can be hard to build an income.

      Some shops (Chimeron shop is the best example) take trade as well. They will pay you coin for services or items out of the shop for the same. So, it is not all about gold.

    2. Grimloch Gear also barters on a case-by-case basis, as does, I believe Vandoria's Vestments. I think Kharma might as well- though I may be mistaken.
      But an exorbitant amount? It is Grimloch gears policy to take four (backed) gold as one dollar. Which seems faily reasonable to me, especially since you're getting real world goods for the equivalent of monopoly money.

  4. Yes, but only as of lately and I have been playing for awhile now.

    Opportunities to spend gold in the game have been few and far between. However recently we have seen a rise in the amount of shops that go to events. I think with the rise of IC trade and opportunity realms currency can start to generate a greater interest.

    There are many ways to make gold, I.E provide a IC service(sometimes by making ooc goods) in exchange for I.C gold.
    You could wait tables at a feast, make garb, make weapons, merc your self out to a tourney team, offer services such as cleaning camp sites, or dance around the fire.

    However places to spend that gold are more limited; there are a few shops, casinos that only hit certain events, and of course tipping anyone who provides a service.

    If there were more IC shops per event that provide items such as weapons, garb, potion, etc than we will have a rise in people wanting IC money.

  5. Both yes and no. I work pretty durned hard at earning my IC currency, but at the same time, I don't really spend it that often. Normally I end up just throwing it into the Nosetti 'Treasury' for their use.

    I'd love to see more places for shops to open up at events, but you really need to do it at a feast (limited space) or tournies (when people are pretty heavily into the tournaments themselves). Quests are horribly inconvenient to have a shop, too, unless there's a set tavern-ish area that the PCs can head to several times, and/or it helps with the questing.

    You can also set up shop or offer bargains/trades for currency with stuff you have that you may not find useful, but others would. You'd be surprised. Spare candles? Ritual components! Garb is always a bigger hit, too. To reiterate about offering to clean up: ask Swift! He'd know about cleaning for silver. Dancing...doesn't work so much if you're not a girl, turns out. (Though, if a guy dances well enough, I'm sure as hell gonna tip!)

    I'd also like to see more IC currency that LOOKS like currency. I love the Victory marks, rowans, monarchs appearances; and paperbacks that are backed by in-game services are always awesome. Roofing tins as silver seems kinda...meh, to me. It always has. I'd love to see it as even nuggets, to word it best, would be kinda cool. (It would also take away some of the sharper edges. Cuts from those SUCK.)

    I think there would possibly be an increase of interest in IC-currency if it looked more fitting for the game, or there was more reasons to use it, other than casinos and shops. The problem is thinking of one. Maybe a tournament where you'd have to pay to be able to sign up, and the prize is the entry-fee jackpot? *plots*