Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ode to the Shadow King by Dano "Piper" Knobel

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  And hail the new crowned King!
Fame and glory to the Shadow Lands, this paragon will bring.
He was born a natural leader, you can see it in his eyes,
So it's only right and just and fair that to power he should rise.
As a brilliant-minded thinker, he shan't lead the Realms astray,
For his intellect is commendable, and all nay-sayers he shall sway.
He's the leader of the charge and takes progress by the reins,
and companionship and comradery from everyone he gains.
A most fearsome foe in battle, watch him parry and riposte,
A distinctly interesting fighting style: for thrusting he enjoys most.
You'll never see him donned in armor, for he's stylish and unique,
For who could bob and weave in steel? Oh, and armor's for the weak.
So come and hail this mighty King, come and join the crowd,
For Jonas! - yes, the Shadow King! - and make the Realms feel proud.

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