Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why I Want To Go- Black Tide

This event is a Fae plot event, with a focus on the continued threat from Bedlam.  Three different lands will be threatened, one during each of the three sections.  The event is being run convergences style with players PCing two sections and NPCing one sections.  The staff has said they need an even number of people NPCing each section.

There are perks available during certain sections for priest of Justari and those with Creathorne or RiDacavallo steeds (so don't forget to bring them).

The event site is a public park where there are mundanes around. There are no onsite facilities.

The site opens at 11 and event is starting promptly at 12. So don't be late.

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  1. As a quick note, the site opens at ten, with IC planning starting at 11, and questing starting at noon.