Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I Want to Go - The Huntress Guild Presents

The Huntress Guild Presents: Tournaments of Artemis II 
December 1, 2012 (Saturday 12pm) - December 1, 2012 (Saturday 6pm)

Some would say that the female fighters of the Realms have been slighted throughout our game's history. However, this event (and the Huntress Guild in general) is a showcase of what they can do and that they should not be ignored.Come to show your support, to watch some interesting fights, or get a team together and fight!  

Teams consist of 3 combatants, one of which must be a member of the Huntress Guild; it is a good idea to set up your teams ahead of time. Also, one nice thing for this event is that casters can break their restrictions to participate if they so choose. The event site will be nice for this time of year as it is indoors and yet, very spacious.


  1. Any female is a member of the huntress guild if she so chooses, there is no formal entrance policy. So teams just need a female participant.

  2. There will also be puzzles/non-com activities for both participants and spectators alike to engage in throughout the day.