Friday, November 23, 2012

Trivia from Order of the List

Test your knowledge and see if you can answer the questions from this years Order of the List trivia competition.

1. Before he took over as Lord of Rhiassa, Aeston was the Lord of this southern nation.

2. Rumored to be even rarer than the Chimeron Crown, this coin’s original value was ⅓ of a rowan.

3. This god of serpents, poison, and assassination holds influence over the Aspis Nor Mountains and the land of Darkvale.

4. What the nation of Eagle’s Rook was formerly called, sharing its name with the castle that looms over the city of Eagle's Rook.

5. If you were to find yourself at Shalindar Keep, which of the Realms’ northern nations would you be in?

6. What year was the first Queen of Hearts event held?

7. Bedlam, also known as the Infinite Dark, exists at the intersection of which three overlapping planes of existence?

8. At Queen of Hearts ‘08, Sir Jarrod disbanded what organization of nations, all sworn to him as king?

9. This sword holds the spirit of the Faerie Duchess of Blossoms, and is known to be bane to bedlam bois.

10. One of the tenets of this knightly order is to “Encourage and aid new adventurers”

11. The symbol of this god features a red cross with curved ends on a black field.

12. Although they do not have direct ties to the nation itself, the College of Heralds and Monks Keep lie within this nation’s borders.

13. Who is the current lord of the northern nation of Stonewood?

14. This female fighter was the original founder of the Huntress Guild.

15. Lloth, also known as the Spider Queen, is worshipped by what race of people?

16. This nation’s heraldry features a red wolf’s head against a black field.

17. If you find yourself battling Akakios in towns such as Thistle Grove, Iron Ridge, and Westwood, what nation would you be in?

18. Winners of the Tournaments of the Blue Rose earn themselves this honorific title.

19. It is at this tavern that you are likely to run into Father Yule.

20. To become a master of this order, you must plan, organize, and execute your own feast-based event.

Which of today’s Order of the List competitors is the Knight Commander
of the Knights of Blackwood?

For the Answers, click More.

1. Vinehaven
2. Chimeron Wench
3. Rexan
4. Ravensloft
5. Blackwood
6. 1994
7. Fae, Hell, and Oblivion
8. The Free Kingdoms
9. Ophelia
10. The Knights of the Sable Dragon
11. Justari
12. Ashenmark (also accepting Elemirre)
13. Sir Elwin
14. Dame Katasha
15. Drow
16. Kalithnos
17. Grimloch
18. Blademaster
19. Uncle Cecil's Crazy Tavern
20. The Order of the Spoon
Bonus- Sir Gullium


  1. Now that I see the answers, I think I did worse than I realized. Especially since Im pretty sure I got #5 wrong...

    1. Geography has never been my strong point :) I did get the bonus right though.

  2. 13 and 2/3 correct. Not bad for only playing once a year ;-) 2/3 on the Bedlem question.