Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why I Want To Go- Rohodey Presents: Nobles and Commoners

Rohodey Presents: Nobles and Commoners
November 24, 2012 (Saturday 12pm) - November 24, 2012 (Saturday 6pm)

We've had our large tourneys this year fought between two huge teams, we've had our tourneys with teams against teams, we've had our tourneys of individuals...now we get some 2-person tourneys. The twist is that one person of the team must be a member of nobility (lords/knights/high priests) and the other a "commoner". If you have ever been to a Rohodey Presents tournament before you will already know he likes to throw a lot of different and unusual tournaments at the participants and he already promised there will more of that at this event. So, come and have a fun time!

One of the special rules to bear in mind is that in order to allow more people to participate in the combat, a spellcaster has the option of forgoing their spells and fighting as a fighter without breaking their weapon restriction (yeah!). Also, apparently everyone at one point will be able to use spells; it is recommended that you prepare if the spells you take require components. The site itself is large and can easily accommodate plenty of people and plenty of tournaments.

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