Monday, November 18, 2013

Question of the Week - 119

What is your best story about being scalped? If you've never been scalped, how long have you gone without being scalped?


  1. I had just finished my spell progression with Protect the Soul (back when it took 3 events per spell and you had a 2 circle penalty for spells outside your path). It felt good to finally have the build I wanted. We ran into an NPC necromancer who couldn't turn me undead, so he scalped me instead. I spent most of the event dead.

  2. I have been scalped a good handful of times. there are 2 that stand out the most.

    1.) I died at the feet of Sauron and that is when Baba was telling MM's he was sacrificing his remaining tics or something and all he wanted in return was to get me and him up and a fighting chance against Sauron. I was fighting with my shield and I crouched and blocked as many shots as I could while Baba was swinging like a mad man calling "champion." We didnt last too long and then I was scalped by Sauron and his dual wielding 5 foot boulders. D later found me dead and started an hour long investigation blaming people like gryff for scalping me.

    2.) I was the current Champion of the Free Kingdoms and there was a Champion of some bad guy or something that was only beatable in honorable comabt from a champion, we thought I needed silver or matched weapons, we werent really sure but they told me to go for it. (damn thinky people) The NPC was Tim Bonci who asked me if it was ok to get physical. I of course was on board. I was not expecting what happened next... He swung so hard his sword snapped on my shield, now I knew how physical he wanted to be :P WE hit each other many times like trucks, there was dropkicking, pushing, tossing to the ground. It was epic. I soon died as it seemed I wasnt having much effect on him and we had agreed to fight to the scalp. As he was scalping me, Syruss baseball slid into me with a combat raise dead and we started fighting again. Once again I lost and this time was scalped fully while Syruss was being held back by Jarrod and others.

    the last time I was scalped was at the final bedlam event, Folkestone and Ashenmark scalped me over a "misunderstanding" but I regenerated from that and went on my merry way.

  3. That fight was epic. Shield slams, body slams, I think someone jumped on my back at one point. It was a great looking sword that Shawn had spent a lot of care into building for that fight. Best laid plans and all.
    And Ben totally had me outclassed, but I got a lucky armor-piercing shot in, being that kind of bad guy.

  4. I have been scalped a LOT but I don't remember it ever being fun or epic. Hmm. The fallout of one of my times being scalped was cool OOC.

    I was resurected by a group of people who were required tk sacrafoce souls to the Dark One as z price. I felp obligated to help and while in a small village, that I thought was "lordless," I scalped the village to the Dark One. I guess I was spotted because shortly after I was found and surrounded by Chim and others. They were very angry. Needless to say that town was in their domain. I got dropped and raised again to recieve judgement.

    I spent the next year calling the souls of 75 villagers...