Friday, November 15, 2013

10 Questions - Tucker "Temorse" Noyes

Tucker "Temorse" Noyes

How long have you been playing? 
Photo by Robyn C Nielsen
My first event was Slippery When Wet in 2003, so a little over 10 years.

How has the game changed since you've been playing?
There have obviously been many changes in the way weapons are made, how people fight, changes to spells.  But those are all things that can be expected with the evolution of any game.  For me the biggest change is that the community has become much more closely knit.  Generally, there is more cooperation between players from different groups, as well as event holders being able to work together to create a greater sense of continuity.  

Who have you learned the most from?
There is a really, really long list of people who I have learned quite a bit from, however I think that there are two people who have had the most influence.  The first would be Dan Diamond, better known as The Baron, who gave me my start in the game.  He set me off on a good foot making sure I was well rounded in a lot of aspects of the game, fighting, crafting weapons, garb and armor, and just how to be a good player and member of the community.  The second person would be Kelly Bonci, or Twenaria, who really helped and supported me on anything I wanted to undertake and helped introduce me to a much wider variety of people in the game.

What was your best moment IC?
My best moment in character would probably be the Ashenmark - Creathorne fight at the second Tournaments of Creathorne that Ashenmark was around for.  It was a hard fought fight on both sides, but we managed to pull a strong victory off against a larger team who had trounced us the year before.

What was your best moment as a NPC/EH/Player?
I think as an NPC it is far to hard to pick a moment to nominate as my "best."  I have had the privilege to work with a lot of different event holders and play a lot of different roles.  Playing either a named role or a crunchy can be just as fun.  As an event holder I think I face a similar issue in that there are so many things that go on that are great.  I think the compilation of moments of having players realize a plot point or mechanic for the first time and seeing how each person reacts to those realizations can usually be fun or rewarding.

As a player I have the honor of being a founding member of a group.  I think that my best moment as a player constantly changes each time that family grows or succeeds.  If I had to pick a personal moment I feel that my best moment was being knighted as one of the Knight of the Eternal Flame.  For me this was something that meant a lot to me to be recognized by a community that I am very attached to.

What would you like to see changed or developed more in game?
There are two things that I would like to see.  First is pretty simple and I think that there should be more immersion in the game.  I don't think every event needs to be super immersive, but I think both players and event holders should strive to create a minimally immersive environment.

Secondly I think there is a fairly large gap between players who participate in questing style events and tournament style events.  Both types of events have a lot to offer and can be a lot of fun if you give them an honest try.  Your probably not going to be the best quester or tournament fighter on your first attempt, but learning is half the fun and can give you a real sense of accomplishment to achieve a personal goal.

Photo by Robyn C Nielsen

What advice would you give new players?
Take your time.  There is a lot to do in the game and the game isn't going away anytime soon.  Try being a fighter, try casting some spells, hang out with people from a variety of groups, go on quests, fight in tournaments.  The game has a lot of facets and there is only one way to find what you like the most.

What do you love most about the game?
I think I have to go with the most popular answer for this question and say the community.  I think that is what keeps most people coming back, and it's not hard to tell why.

Who would you like to see the next interview be with?
Dave "Callin" Dolph or Calvin "Grot" Engle

Anything else you'd like to take the opportunity to put into print?
As an event holder who has recently thrown an event, review events!  Event reviews are an excellent way for EHs to get feedback and make their events better!

As an added bonus feature this week, we're adding in a very, very old ballad...

The Ballad of the Blue Falcon
Written by Tucker Noyes (Temorse Sorrowind)
To the tune of Muppet's Treasure Island, "Professional Pirate"

When I was just a lad looking for my true vocation,
My father said now son this choice deserves deliberation,
Now you could be a fighter, or perhaps a good old seer,
But my boy why not consider, a more challenging career!

Hey ho ho
A Blue Falcon for sure
For if ever you should see one, there will always be two more
True friendship and adventure are what we can't live without,
And when you're in the Blue Falcons,
That's what it's all about!

Now take the dreaded Talon,
The Folkstonians all despise him, but to Neden he was a hero,
And they idolized him
Its how you look at the Falcons
That makes us bad or good,
And I see us as member of a noble brotherhood!

Hey ho ho
A Blue Falcon for sure
For if ever you should see one, there will always be two more
True friendship and adventure are what we can't live without,
And when you're in the Blue Falcons,
That's what it's all about!

I could have been in Folkstone; I like taking things apart
I could have been in Grimlock but I just have too much heart,
I could have been in Chimeron, but I don't look good in green,
I could have been in Rhiassa, but it just seems too damned clean

Hey ho ho,
It's one for all for one
We'll share and share alike for you but always for a sum,
We're gentlemen of honor and that's what we're proud to be,
And when you're in the Blue Falcons
You'll be honest, brave, and free
The soul of decency
You'll be loyal and fair and on the square,
But most importantly, when you're in the Blue Falcons
You're always in the best of company!