Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Puzzle - Spells

Think you know the spell system? Arrange the following spells alphabetically by the name of the spell. (No peeking in the Omnibus!)

A) This spell will heal an injured limb. It has 10 uses.

B) This is the 2nd Circle Channeler spell.

C) While this spell is in effect, you may not move or speak.

D) This spell requires that you write “STEALABLE” on the blade of the weapon and has a Verbal component of 25 words.

E) This spell ends if the spellcaster engages in combat either by attacking or being attacked.

F) This Pool spell has 6 uses.

Click below for the answers. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments before checking out the answers.

Death Watch (C)
Heal Undead Limb (A)
Silver Strike (F)
Silver Weapon (D)
Ward: Undead (B)
Zombie Walk (E)


  1. I think Transmute Self is also acceptable for C.

  2. Transmute Self requires you to talk/chant the entire time.

  3. D) Assassin's Blade

    F) Detect Magic

    C) Feign Death

    A) Potion of Heal Limb

    B) Ward Undead

    E) Zombie Walk

    Well...I got two of them right anyway. That said, I stand by my answer of Feign Death as an acceptable answer for C.

    1. From the spell description "If someone asks him if he is dead he can legally answer, “Yes,”"
      The spell allows for talking.

    2. That is more a marshaling call than "talking", unless you consider someone with deathwatch to be cheating if someone checks to see if they are dead, and they say yes.

  4. You have to be alive to cast Deathwatch, you technically have the spell active on you while alive.