Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why I joined Ashenmark by Nataliya "Shader" Kostenko

There are a bunch of reasons,
and I thought about all of them for a while before I decided to join. I was stuck on deciding between Ashenmark and a couple of other groups for a while. In the end I picked Ashenmark because I wanted to be a good fighter and they value that—it is also easier to stand out and make a difference on the field in a group like Ashenmark because, compared to a bunch of other nations, they don’t have as many active members right now. I also wanted to have fun (another thing they seemed to value) and play with my friends (I joined alongside my other buddies from the Oaken Guard). Also I liked a bunch of the members and was a bit closer with a few of them than with people from other nations. I think I would have been okay in the other nations I considered too, but I have never yet regretted joining Ashenmark. We’ve had a lot of fun partying and fighting together at social gatherings and Realms events, and many of the other members’ enthusiasm to improve at combat has encouraged and pushed me along as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses

In my opinion, as a whole, Ashenmark’s strengths would be decent fighting and the desire to improve in fighting, (most of the time) while also remembering to have fun. I think another one of our strengths would be quality combat NPCing. Our biggest strength, however, is how close our group is in terms of friendship.
For weaknesses I think we sometimes lack motivation off the field, in activities such as weapons making. I also think the quality of the quests we throw could use some work.

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