Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why I Want To Go- Feast of Highbridge III & Northern Spring Tournaments

"I" want to go to Feast of Highbridge because I was smart and pre-regged and am looking forward to gorging on amazing food (professor package/cheese cart for the win!!). This event is held at the Shaker Museum up in Enfield, NH. I've attended for the last two years and truly enjoy the atmosphere of IC learning and sharing. While it is too late to sign up for the feast, you can still come for the classes ($10 at the door).  There is a huge list of possible topics to learn about, and you can come do the Knights of the Realms challenge with Aeston and me.  If it drives you to drink, you can! Beer or wine comes with the meal for those of age and there is a cash bar. If you drink till you can't drive, there are discounts on rooms.

Grandfathering is scheduled to happen at both of these events if the Omnibus arrives as scheduled. 

Post-Highbridge, head over to the Northern Spring Tournaments at WPI (disclaimer- my event) on Sunday to work off some calories,  get a jump start on getting Order of the List points, and get some solid combat advice from some of our game's top fighters.  Newer players should make sure to make it and enter every tournament, as those that do will get a certificate for a free sword, win or lose.

~Angie/Phoenix (guest writing)

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  1. As a note, if you do take classes, you're welcome to help in the kitchen afterwards. You'll get to snack on free food!