Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Call to Arms - Gau Dring

The View from Valehaven is pleased to announce the start of a new feature series, A Call to Arms, the aim of which is to showcase the different heraldries in the Realms. Every group and many organizations, guilds, and individuals have distinctive and different heraldries, and sometimes the outsider can't help but wonder what those heraldries mean to the people who bear them - what does the heraldry represent? How did it come to be? What is the story behind it? And so started the idea for this series. It is our hope at the View that we can all learn a bit more about each other, our game, and our history along the way. 
[Editor's note: if you are interested in submitting an individual, nation, guild, or group heraldry for the series, please email Jen ( or any other View staff member]

Gau Dring


Photo courtesy of Josh Fitzgerald

1. What does this heraldry currently represent? (ie: a nation, an individual, a group, etc)
The Heraldry represents the Nation of Gau Dring

2. Please describe your heraldry for us.
The Full Symbol of Gau Dring which is a Purple Tomoe surrounded by a Blue Mountain and blue borders on the tabard represents a full Member of Gau Dring.
Without a Symbol and with a Green Border is a Petitioner to becoming a full member.
If they have no Border it is the mark of a civilian of Gau Dring.

3. Give us some background. How did your heraldry come to be? Who or what created it?
The idea behind the symbol began with Lako's idea and with the help of the other nation members it grew into what it is now.

4. Why was this heraldry chosen to represent you? What is the symbolism behind it? What was the inspiration behind the design?
The Heraldry is a symbol that Lako sees as his future growth and remembering where he came from. The mountain around the Tomoe is a throwback to the Borderlands as well as representing the region that Gau Dring is in. The Tomoe represents the ideas behind the Nation that most things come in threes.

The Realms has Questing, Tournaments and Feasts; in the Realms we have Fighters, Supports and Questers, each with its own roles in the world yet they all are part of a larger force and all have something in common.

This is also represented in the Leadership, there should always be three in charge, a Top a second and a third they will always keep each other in check and do the best for the nation.

5. How long has the heraldry been in the game? Has it changed at any time since it was first created?
The Heraldry has only been in the game for a short time less than a year now.

6. What do you hope seeing this heraldry means to the rest of the Realms?
Honestly i want people to look at Gau Dring as a nation that is there to help and can be trusted.

Lako and Enlon of Gau Dring by Robyn Nielsen

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