Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ask Syruss

Ask Sir Syruss

Photo by Jesse Gifford

Sir Syruss is a seasoned adventurer with over 10 years of experience slaughtering undead and charming the ladies, beating up bad guys, frustrating good guys, and grossing out the ladies. So if you have a question no matter how bizarre, weird or funny (the funnier the better, then we can sell more issues of the View), consider asking the man who loves to tell you how to live your life……..even though no one tells you how to live your life. (OOC- questions for Sir Syruss should be sent to View staff at

Yo, Syruss!

Why the hell can't every race speak COMMON?! I mean, English. Okay, so what I'm saying is I don't understand why people feel a need to have accents, or even speak in a different language in our GAME. Especially since people do accents so terribly. Does it even help our culture/atmosphere, in your opinion?
- Class Act -----

Dear Classy Correspondent,

I have traveled far and wide, over mountains and beyond the sea. I have encountered many different dialects and accents along the way. From the mystical speak of the Teng Huanese to the grunts of the Orcish Clans beyond the great sea. Each one different, unique, special, silly, and sometime impossible to understand.

The two mysteries that go with this:

One. How do they all speak two languages? Sure, people can speak multiple languages but is there a school for the Common tongue in every land? Or perhaps it is a requirement in middle school before you can go on to learn Farming 101 or Farm Raiding 102.

TWO. Why most people don’t speak in their local tongues with other similar creatures? I feel there may be multiple dialects that cause a language barrier. Or perhaps they are making it up as they go along.

Either way it’s important to note it is our diversity that make these lands so magical. What we all bring to the REALM that makes it this colorful place that we love to roam. If we were all copies of one another how much fun would that be?

So learning another language isn’t for you and sure maybe those foreign Ogres sounds like garbage and tip terribly but let us celebrate those differences not get all the villagers and riot on those stinky tipping Ogres.

Remember you don’t have to like it but don’t be a jerk.

Sir Syruss

This one was short so here is a bonus one.

Dear Sir Syruss,

The active sweaty mind wants to know: "talcum or wicking shorts? Hug the lugs or powdered donuts?" How do you fight off the monster chaff-age?
-Sir TMI

Well Mr/Mrs Personal Question,

The smart play is both……..
It’s like Sir Nymbous O’Leary always says: “If you can’t stand the heat don’t go to the Wastes during summer time….Seriously, your nuts will stick to your leg like a Saurabian Slime Monster.”
……Well they can’t all be insightful...

Good Night Everybody!


  1. Sir TMI - try Fresh Balls. Best product in the world. It's like body glide, but is so much better. You can go a full summer weekend without the chafe...

  2. I find that when i have played characters that use an accent, I have an easier time staying in character. Even if the accent is bad, it keeps me focused.

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  4. You could also try cardio. Thinner legs means less rubage.