Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gambler's Guild Presents- The Stacked Deck

At Tournaments of Blackwood we ran a 25/30 (25 Blackwood/30 other) gold Hold Em poker tournament. 5000 chips, 15 minute blinds. 10 people entered and it did come down to a chip count for the last two players standing. The chip difference was less than 10% (23800 vs 26200) when the final blinds were 1000 2000. It was a very interesting to watch the different styles play against each other.
Congradulations to Mathias for the win, Daekara for second, Nova for third and Mestoph for fourth.

This puts the standings at
1)      Mathias               9
2)      Tao                       8
3)      Shadow                6
4)      Rillian                   5
5)      Daekara               3
6)      Phoenix                3
7)      Nova                    2
8)      Jayce                    2
9)      Mestoph              1
10)   Jinx                       1
11)   Eldritch                1

Ties were decided by how the players played against each other last, or if they have not played then the most recent win.

Looking at the schedule the next 4 events that will have gambling will be:

Grimloch Presents: Tournaments of the void July 17-19, Blackwood Clontarf Casino: BJ/Let-it-Ride/Roulette/craps. The poker tournament will be Friday night 25/30 (25 Blackwood/30 other) gold buy in, 5000 chips, 20 min blinds no time limit. (Maybe another one on Saturday if we can get one in)
10th Annual Tournament of Chaos: July 31 – Aug 2, Creathorn Hula Girl Casino, table games, poker tournament is listed as an 8 person minimum with a 100 gold buy in, probably Saturday night.
artisans summer fling: Aug 28-30, Creathorn Hula Girl Casino, table games, poker tournament TBA
Feast of Folkestone Sep 4th, Blackwood Clontarf Casino, Table games, 50/60 (50 Blackwood 60 other) gold buy in.

 If you are aware of gambling that is happening at any event please let me know and I will include them in these updates.

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