Friday, October 28, 2016

GOFER TWO: Tarja's Tale

by Britny "Tarja" Fowler

[Editor's note: Tarja's accounting of recent events, of which Syruss already wrote. Please pardon her spelling, as she is just learning how to read and write.] 

I have been asked by many sens it happened to tell my tale from this past weekend. So I will do the best I can. I am only now learn to write the runes of this world, so sorry my words are bad but I try.

Two dragins came to us and hired us to travel to a dragin hord near us. They gave us three hours. They made a portal, we go throu, and in three hours we return or not.

Me, Tuilli, other Blackhearts, many of Gau Dring where I spend much time and have been offered home, and some of Chimeron travel together to raid this hord. It had been much time since I have gone on a good raid, and I was ready and much exited.

As we enter, we are met by strange men in long white cloaks, there is a cold, smooth, voice in the air saying “welcome to the Sanneetoreeum” and there are strange papers on the table. We are told not to touch by the strange men in white cloaks, but others read them and they said if we signed we would give up all our things to these people. Next thing I knew, I felt a strange pinch in my skin and knew nothing.

I dreamed strange dreams, but was not in the dream world. It was as if I slept. I woke, not knowing how long I was asleep, to find me in a small room with Lako, Kayara, and other people but not all our party.  The door to this room was locked, but as we solved odd puzzles a code of strange runes was found. Lako was able to use this code and some knowledge in him to open the lock.

Leaving our room we found two other rooms, with the rest of our people. One other escaped as we did and we helped the others escape as the locks all were the same code.

We found a spirit being by the door out of the hall who helped us open the door and bringing her with us we escaped into the “faculty lownj” they called it. They were throwing leeches at our people to knock them out in an effort to return us to the rooms, I think it is how they took us in the first. After much effort we stopped them and the spirit being kept helping us enter doors.

Next was a long hall with glowing beems crossing it. If you touched one it was as if a sword hit you. Some died in this hall but we made it throu. Next hall had swinging swords, they came in a pattern swing.  Pause.  Swing. Pause.  Always same but each sword not same. Those of us with shields helped others cross, but it was easiest to find the pattern and run in the gaps. I lost a leg telling others across but the next hall was a pit with small stones across to jump on. On one foot I could not make it, Tuilli was dead beside me along with a young healer. I called across to the others who were in for us and they sent back a healer, but then as they come to help everyone was suddenly running back across the pit and we had no room to move.

Ston beings with swords were chasing us back and there was no path front that way. Those of us with armor fight the ston things, but, my memories fade from there.

When I again remember, I am in the “faculty lownj” and ther are rotting dead around me. I pick bits of odd goo off my armor and fight off my own, lost thoughts to find others arowned this snake with little snake hair. The snake is angree his hair is tangle and our people try to help. Many tackle him and are hurt by his fans, but our healers bring them back. Fee days we should make the snake happy and less scared but finally Tuilli holds it down and we get tangles out of snake hair and snake leaves us alone.

We enter a large area then it comes, the dragin. It is big, I see a large claw, a claw bigger than me come down. Then next I remember, dragin is dead, as are others. I was not in sam place as when claw came down, do not know what happened, but have little time to think. Large many headed snake, others said called hidra, comes out and we fight. Only wepins of magic could kill this beat. Once we do, we pass throu its body and there is room of tresur. I get to room and large chest of gold is there attacking our people. I fight chest, others call a mimic. Fill my hood with tresur and leave.

There was little tresur I saw, I got cloths and scarves, and pretty drawings and a few gold. There is rumor those in first took all the gold. But in the end as we were in the rim, we saw issue the portal open. We got all the trezur and got all people out. Some we dragged throu as near dead, some were goo we cary how we could. But we got all out who cam, and after all were alive when we parted ways. 

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