Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why I Want to Go, Ashenbounty

    Why I Want to Go, Ashen Bounty
by Diana "Kiira" LaPierre

    The weather is getting colder and, this year at Ashen Bounty, it looks to like the weather will be sunny... finally. Five years of tradition has brought about a quality event with both a feast and questing. Plus, miserable weather. This year, the event is at a beautiful site that offers cabins and multiple ovens. Trust me, that's a great asset.

     The event staff, year after year, provides the players with well-thought-out NPCs and plot lines that both entertain and intrigue. They provide a challenge and fun for the questing party. The questing takes place Friday night, Saturday daytime, and Sunday, and you can bet you will be both captivated and excited!

     The "Bounty" part  the event is provided Saturday evening and can be described as a plethora of food. The usual Feastocrat is momentarily occupied with wonderful tiny things, so this year, the Feastocrat will be The View's very own Jennifer Denardis-Rosa, the master chef behind the Gilded Lion Summer Festivals! You can expects delectable treats and savory meats!

I want to go to Ashen Bounty because it's a weekend chock full of fun and something new: Sunshine!

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