Thursday, October 27, 2016


Horoscopes of the Realms
by Janna "Sir Iawen" Oakfellow-Pushee

A long time ago, the races of the Realms have looked into the stars and wondered, "What if?", never realizing that in some places, in some planes, those very stars were looking right back at us, wondering the same thing.  There's a lot the stars can tell us, if only we show a humble want for knowledge.

In past years, a man visited the Realms who was not a man at all, but a fallen star who took on a human persona as Hesperus Star-keeper. As it is, a Star Person named Orion Mars still walks with us from time to time. Both have names, both have houses, both have a purpose and a drive.

And, if you're willing to listen to the what the stars have to say, you might just find yours, too.

These are thoughts on how your Autumn/Fall, heading into Winter, might be turning out.

House of:

Aries: It's tough for you to be patient, to take turns, and to not win at Life in general when adventuring.  Every time some monster finds the chink in your armor, or stabs through the folds of your armored cloak, your mind mentally sighs. Another miss. Another mistake, even. Winning isn't everything, Aries, but I know that's hard to accept right now; especially when newer adventurers are starting to take the attention away from you.  You might feel that "winning by any means" is the way to get that attention back, but in this case the stars send that word you have so much trouble with: Patience. You'll be back in the front lines again, just not this Autumn.

Taurus:  Feeling a little bull-headed? The Stars wager that it isn't entirely your fault, this situation you've found yourself in. A mispronounced word here, a botched ritual there, and then suddenly you've found yourself with a penchant for hunting on all fours... where do you go from here?  A Fighter in Taurus might find themselves frustrated, especially in November, because giving their all just isn't enough in the eyes of their compatriots. A Caster in Taurus might get somewhat morose due to a social snubbing, and it won't get cleared up until practically the new year when Leviathan raises its head.  Going on the defensive doesn't help anyone but yourself, but again: where do you go from here?

Virgo:  The House of Virgo has been having sleeping troubles this Autumn, as the light lessens around them and the darkness of night begins to overtake the hours.  This may or may not continue long after Uncle Cecil's and Yule have come and gone, depends on what each person in the House of Virgo considers 'light' and how they might acquire it.  Those with too much light will be petrified to go out into the winter's chill and opt to 'hermit' unless dragged out by their fellow adventurers.  Those with too little light: seek out a Healer or an Alchemist, or learn Light yourself. You will need that tiny sense of colorful wonder to get you through the rest of this harsh year.

Gemini:  Usually able to edge your way to the front of any line (whether that be in battle on a bridge, or a buffet at the feast), you're shocked to find yourself being pushed back by those around you, and put into place by those who feel they have authority over you (or at least are "responsible" for you and your actions).  You'll feel an intense desire to summon a 'friend' to perhaps sway things in your favor, but it's only a fantasy that should be entertained in your mind, not given air or life to.  If you do, however, still wish to go through with said summoning, make sure your anger is justified, and best of luck when you level the political landscape.

Cancer:  While there is a flurry of physical activity for you in the coming months, there isn't much of a mental challenge. For Fighters and Casters alike, it feels as though you've hit a plateau, and so you're just drifting along.  If you're a Blacksmith in the House of Cancer, this is the best time to try out new weapon and shield ideas.  Other adventurers are listless, or flat out 'bored' until Winter has them good and buried.  And that's when the mental challenges will finally start to come forth.  Best of luck.

Aquarius: Remember the memoir you were holding off on?  Now's a good a time as any.  Start to recount your life. How many weapons have you owned that you made? That others made? That you acquired? How many spell-books? Tomes? Pieces of garb?  How many traveling companions have you had over the years? Have you ever owned a familiar? An animal companion? What your story that you wish to convey to the Realms?  Think about these things; they'll lead you to the most interesting parts of yourself, and the not-so-great ones as well: yet all of these make up the character of YOU.

Pisces: Your Summer was great, but heading into Autumn you've lost your spell-book. You broke your favorite sword.  You stained your new, expensive garb and then to top it all off, your friend was turned into a werewolf and stole the last piece of raw meat.  Rude!

Autumn is filled with many annoyances for Pisces until the Winter Solstice arrives, and like any Pisces they'll remember every single grievance and throw it in their tormentor's face(s) once they finally have it all out with them. Granted, it will most likely be at the most inopportune time (say, during public court, an important ritual, or in the middle of a tournament).  Everyone loves the House of Pisces, though, and thus on their end they're willing to let it go, but if a Fighter/Fighter or Caster/Caster are both from Pisces, the row will be a tremendous thing to behold. Bring popcorn.

Leo:  Leos, for the most part, are still shaking out the trouble from their manes that Spring and Summer visited upon them.  Fighters from Leo have been quietly honing their skills in preparation for What Comes; Casters (especially those who have been Assassins and Shamans) have been super-twitchy, watching the horizon for any signs of danger.  While the rest of the Star Houses have been focusing on themselves, the Lions of the Zodiac have been on silent patrol of the Realms, and will not be caught unguarded or flat-footed.  No one should challenge a Leo during this Winter, either, because they raise not the ire of that person in particular, but of the whole House.

Libra:  Odd as it may seem, the Realms seems brand-new!  It's hard to focus this Autumn, for there are so many wonderful things begging for attention from you!  Alchemists, rejoice! This is the best season to try out all your new recipes!  Shamans in Libra also will enjoy Communing with Spirits if they go out while the leaves are still affixed to the trees.  As Winter rises up, Fighters and Abjurers in Libra alike will find themselves moderating (if not outright judging) conflicts that are brought to their feet.  This will raise House Libra up in the eyes of some, and if anyone out there wishes to engage in a contract with any extra-planar being, they ought to have a Libra on hand to read the fine print.

Scorpio:  Channelers are having a murky time of it in House Scorpio during the Autumn days, whereas Necromancers and Fighters in this House will find their adventures to be a bit more intense (or so the stars say).  This intensity can bleed out, and scare off support casters and fighter buddies when you need them most. While the stars aren't saying "keep it in check", just make sure you remember to breathe.  If you're already un-dead due to Embrace Death, make sure you have a trusted fellow who can make you breathe before the gathering ends.

Sagittarius: Sorcerer, aim high!  Lightning Bolt, strike true!  There isn't a thing you can't accomplish this time around (so long as you're motivated).  Fighters in this House are doing especially well on the field and off.  In fact, pretty much any Archer that might live in this House are Blessed By The Stars for the rest of this year.  Congratulations are also in order for a job well done that was started in the beginning of your Realms adventuring career; you worked hard and it paid off.  Bully for you!

Capricorn:  The Black & White Masquerade is over, and the leaves are all letting go.  You'll be in your own element this coming season, all the way into Winter.  Younger adventurers will be asking for your stories, so polish up your language a bit. Older adventurers will also be giving admiration (some in the form of good-nature'd ribbing) and respect where it is due; you've earned it.  When Ragnarok is tossed around, you won't fret (whether you're there or not), because if it's one thing you still believe in, it is the ability to Get the Job Done.  And you do it so well, Fighter and Caster alike.  May the rest of your 1016, House Capricorn, be mighty and bold!

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