Thursday, October 20, 2016

What You Missed - Ashen Bounty V (photos)

[Editor's Note: all photos by Jesse Gifford except otherwise marked; all captions by Jason Rosa]

Fighting against the soldiers of the Imperium

The Imperial leaders were powerful fighters.

Ashenmark never fails to disappoint with its ample native belligerent flora.

The heroes stand at the edge of a deep chasm that required a bridge of boulders to cross.

A "beautiful maiden" that needed rescuing from the Imperium's prison islands.

Rock monsters threw boulders and defended their cliff-dwelling domain.

The Canary, leader of the Murderous Maidens, temporarily deceased.

The Adventurers journey to the heart of the Imperium's forces.

The bridge being built across the bottomless chasm.

One boulder at a time the heroes made their way across.

The leader of the Imperium's forces tempted the heroes with a job offer before disappearing when attacked.

Dame Umbra, Knight of Ashenmark (photo by Nataliya Kostenko)

Busy crew in the kitchen (photo by Jason Rosa)

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