Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 In Memorium

In Memorium
by Alex "Lucas" Newbold
Your Meme Goes Here

175 Socks lost in mud puddles, the bottom of your bag, and the unmentionable inncident.
27 Goblin masks, torn during use, left on a log, and not returned to the rubbermaid bin.
17 Pairs of boots, mostly due to mud.
2,576 Single short cores broken, bent, and cracked.
Your Dignity
5,708,908 Light sticks abandoned in the woods
12 Event ideas, forgotten after the car ride back from the event
4 Plots, left by the wayside as the EH didn't secure a site in time
17 Hotel pans of food, left to dry out in the warming cabinet during the feast
10 Rolls of duct tape, forgotten at home and replaced on the drive to the event
Your sense of humor, while reading comments on the Realms FB page
7 Right arm bracers, why do you never lose both of them at the same time anyways?
74,278 Index Cards used during Tournaments
7 Coolers, you need to remember to clean them out after events you know.
67,895 Arguments lost on FB about your personal opinion of the Magic System.
78 Hours of sleep lost, wondering if you'd checked under the car before driving over your magic sword.
8 Names of NPC's forgotten after they leave your sight.
78 Names of new PC's forgotten as they speak to them to you.
34 Spellbook props, not counting the spare you keep for Ritual Tournaments.
78,987,567,890 Bits of Bandwidth sacrificed by your friends saying "Why Do We Play This Game Anyways?"

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