Thursday, December 8, 2016

What You Missed - Echoes of Ragnarok II: Muspelheim (photos)

The heroes of the Realms fight through a door guarded by the demonic Faenfolk.
As expected, the dungeon is tight quarters and the rear of the group is dangerously less protected.
The heroes are figuring our how to use the light-totems they were provided to open the door forward.
One of the light-totems creating a zone of safety.
The questing party continues to fight their way forward through the domain of fire.
The waves of faenfolk seemed endless. Luckily the heroes were well provisioned with magic and well armed.
Heroes that were wearing protective necklaces could leave the zone of safety created by the light-totems.
A salamander guards her clutch of eggs.
One of the six urns containing the ashes of Surtr, locked underneath a dome of glass.
Raiding the salamander nest for eggs that can be used to solve the room's puzzle.
The goo from the salamander eggs filled in the shapes in this moving puzzle board.
The heroes pass along the sparking flame of Muspelheim to solve this cavern's puzzle.

Finding themselves in a strange forest with piles of wood, the heroes were instructed to build a fortress.
By completing puzzles the questing party was able to arm traps to help them defend themselves.
The completed fortress, ready to stand against the armies of undead that would soon approach.
The pool of fire-water was a breeding ground for fire-frogs. A unique creature that could be used to carry that same water.
Adding the firewater from the pool to a ceremonial goblet that would be used to activate the volcano.
The erupting volcano that would expel another of the urns.
The urns, collected together so that Surtr could be reborn from his own ashes.
Dumping Surtr's ashes into the magic pyre to give him new life.

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