Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Why Should I Go - Mountain View

by Josh "Enlon" Whelan

Why should you go to Mountain View? The amazing sights of course - we as a staff are doing our best to bring you NPC’s in garb, monsters that will look like monsters, and an event that will pull you in.

After our success with Learn to Fly, Gau Dring is hoping to bring you our first solo-thrown event and deliver an experience that all will enjoy. Our goal is to push the PC’s in a difficult siege situation and constantly keep you on your toes.

Also at this event we will be play testing new mechanics as well as an old proposal. From the fighter abilities to the elemental missile, we want to incorporate as much into this event as possible to give people something to be talking about for a while.

So if you want a tough fight, immersive event, and a chance to lose, come on out to Gau Dring Presents: Mountain View.

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