Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Why YOU Want to go: Uncle Cecils Crazy Yuletide Tavern

Let's begin with me saying I am incredibly biased, as I am on staff for this event.  When the event was first thrown, I was not involved.  After seeing the magic, I pretty much forced my way in so I can greedily be a part of it.  That said, let me tell you more about the Best Event Ever.

It all starts on Friday night.  Spend the evening chatting with friends, sharing warmth of friendship, maybe singing some songs.  This is when we deck the halls.  Literally.  We decorate the hall, put treats on the tree, and set the stage.  Please note, the tree this year is huge.  And gorgeous.  I cannot wait to see it lit up and adorned with all sorts of goodies.  Someone (Called Mistress of the Tree, by the way.  Real title) did an excellent job picking the tree out.  Not a night for partying, get some rest, because Saturday is a doozy.

Wake up and dress warm, things kick off with a quest.  Each year is different, but rest assured you will enjoy the days activities.  (this year might seen rain or snow, please pack accordingly).
Official Fancy Hat of Saurabia
Questing somehow always wraps up around dark, which gives us all time to head inside to warm up.  As people kindly remove all their gear (hint, hint) from the hall, find a place to get dressed to the nines.  Put on your party pants and fancy hats, this is the celebration we have been waiting for.  (Plus, you know the Peacocks will be watching)

Party kicks off with first toast, lead by our host with the most, King Alexander Cecil.  The tree is lit, the beautiful Shinegourd glitters down on us, and the party begins.  A special guest will stop by for all the good boys and girls.  And or a few others, too.  Father Yule will share some gifts and wisdom during his annual visit.  Who knows what will be in his bag this year.  Maybe something for you.  Were you good?

Once the good Pater has moved on, the gift swap will begin.  Each year, people want to share a little joy, and one of the ways to do this is the gift swap.  People gather under the tree and give a gift to someone they normally wouldn't.  With small clues to guide them, thoughtful presents show that, in Uncle Cecil's tavern, we are all one family.

Around this time, we will have food to snack on, if you feel peckish.  By snacks, I mean a full spread that could make some feasts Ive seen pale in comparison.  Turkey, ham, fixings, soups, (are you hungry yet?)  Don't worry, theres food for you.

For those more motivated by gold, stop into the casino.  I know its fun, I always see people playing and hear gold shifting hands.

There is also an auction.  (this is an out of character auction to benefit War Dogs Making it Home, a group that pulls dogs (and a few cats) from high kill shelters.  The animals are then trained to be support animals for veterans with PTSD).  The auction is for cash, and prizes range from Mystery boxes, home made goodies, to garb, weapons, trinkets, magic items, and event entries.  (Bring cash or be Paypal ready)  If you make a donation, you can get tickets!  See me (Twen) for details.

This event takes a team months to prepare for.  Each year, we try to tweak little things to make the event as enjoyable as possible for each and every person.  This means we have to set a LOT of rules.  Please read the event description for that part.

In short, this is the event to attend if you want to solidify why this community is wonderful.  I know for quite a few people, this is their holiday.  This is the event when we are all family.  On a cold, frigid night, come into the coziest tavern around, see the glow of the tree, and feel the warmth of true friendship.

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