Thursday, January 19, 2017

What You Missed - Feast of the Leviathan XIX (photos)

Friends and comrades brave the cold and gather together in Rhiassa (Staff)

Spending time (and coin) at the Chimeron Casino (Dustin Mack)

The new carnival game, Knock the Knights (Staff)

Sir Lysis tries out the Castle Siege carnival game (Dustin Mack)

Playing giant Carcassone (Dustin Mack)

Intrepid adventurers tackle the Gau Dring Big Game Hunt (Dustin Mack)

The Guild of Honorable Service at court (Dustin Mack)

Aeston and Areni present their firstborn son, Aeryk Stromgate (Dustin Mack)

The feasthall at large (Dustin Mack)

Heroes of the Western Flank auction - useful NPC gear plus magic items (Staff)

Camaraderie and gaming (Staff)

Perusing the quests available through the Adventurers Guild (Staff)

Merchant tables laden with goods (Staff)

Making some amazing wire sculpture (Staff)

The Chimeron table (Staff)

Very intent on these papers (Staff)

Shader, First Lieutenant of the Huntress Guild, accepts a View Award (Staff)

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