Thursday, January 12, 2017

What You Missed: Gamblers' Guild Extravaganza I

by James "Sir Tao" Murphy 

When you missed that draw, or what you missed at Gamblers Guild Extravaganza.

I love this site for small events. The game animals, the wood walls, the view, it really sets the tone. While I was busy with the main tournament up to the end (spoilers), I understood there were also table games going (I may have heard something about Therian getting a blackjack when he made a big bet, and Kara getting a straight flush in Let-It-Ride).

Quick note about this being a damp site: everybody behaved, no one got out of control, good job.   
The food was potluck, and the Realms delivered: turkey, ham, meatballs, pies, cakes, macaroni and cheese, potatoes, etc. Everything was fantastic (and I took home leftovers!)

The main event was good poker from the first hand to the last. The top fourteen players showed up eager for the prizes. The players were invited because they earned points throughout the year in various poker tournaments. 

All year, the various tournament directors held back one buy-in from each tournament which came to somewhat more than 700 gold. Sir Shean announced that the prize pool was increased to an even 1000 gold!

While there was some confusion around when breaks were going to happen, or what the next blind would be, the tournament ran pretty smoothly.

Now, poker players have a tendency to be gamblers in general and a few extra bets were also in play. Tao ran a fantasy poker player pick where for ten gold anyone could pick five players. If one of the players came in 5th place or better they earned points (5 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, etc.). Tao also put in ten gold on a “field” where if no one picked any winners he would win. Three players tied out for picking four out of five of the final players. 

Jayce also offered up a “last longest” bet where the prize would go to the player that lasted longest, twenty-five gold buy in and six players went for it.  

                And then we started to play.

 Sir Wil was the first out on the first table when his pocket aces ran into a flush. 

RuBarb was the next to go from the first table when he went all-in with a straight draw, but was called with a flush draw. Both missed but the flush draw had an ace for a high card win.

Therian was first out on the second table when his straight lost to a flush.

Z on the second table was the next to go when he went all-in on a pocket pair, but the player who called him landed two pair on the flop. 

(A player was moved from the first table to the second table to balance them out).

Vex was the next to go when his two-pair were behind another player's two-pair.

At this point the tables were combined with nine players left. 

Gordon was the next to drop when his all-in with a straight draw did not fill.

Rillan was the next to leave when his all-in pocket jacks ran into ace/queen with an ace came on the board.

Mestoph was next when he went all-in with Ace three, but was called with Ace Queen and could not find a three.

Karma was forced into an all-in when she did not have enough chips to cover the bigblind and her 10 8, lost to a King five

We were now down to our top five. 

Jayce was next out in a family pot when his queen high lost to a player who played 2 3 and hit a piece.

Daekara was next out in fourth when he went all in with Ace six, but ran into a player with Ace King and he missed.

Last year’s winner Mathies went out in third place when he pushed all in with a suited Queen five, and a small stack, but ran into a player with pocket Queens.

This left just Avendar and Tao for the championship. When it got down to heads up, Avendar had Tao out-chipped 3:1.   But after about an hour of play Tao had built a slight chip lead, and his pocket fives earned him the win. Avendar had raised with Ace King pre-flop, and by the turn he could have won with any, ace, any king, or any heart. It was a classic matchup. 

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