Thursday, October 5, 2017

Why Should You Go - Viper's Den

by Nataliya "Shader" Kostenko

Why should you go to Viper’s Den? 

Are you a newer player? Zimeya, AKA Snake Cult, is all about getting newer folks in on the fun, so come enjoy a quest and plotline where you can get involved and feel like a star! Are you a long-time Realms adventurer? Come impart some wisdom and help the newbies out--you’re sure to feel like a (wise, old) star too! 

The Zimeya and friends team has been working hard--day and night--to build cool props, write innovative encounters, and ensure everyone has a great time. We’re still kinda new to throwing events so you can expect a fun, modern perspective on things. Did you go to Viper Trials? We’re continuing along our plotline from there, so it’s another opportunity to get involved. If you didn’t though, no worries, we’ll catch you up. 

In the capital of Zimeya, we got roleplay, we got combat, we got comedy, we got shops of all kinds, we got a nifty portal generator, and something tells me we’re about to have some intrepid (mis)adventures. 

See you guys there on October 7th!

We're having some mobster problems in Zimeya

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