Thursday, October 12, 2017

Why You Should Go - A Grave Discovery

by Zach Senchuk

Hello and welcome to “A Grave Discovery” a full weekend quest in the lands of Stonewood this weekend 10.13.17. There are a few things we would like to highlight as good reasons to make it out this weekend. 

  • We will be testing some new mechanics for the questing that should highlight some interesting aspects of the game we often don’t delve into. 

  • This is Tim “James Swift” Suitor’s first event EH’ing in the Realms! 

  • We have a number of thing we’ll be doing to improve the quality of life while night questing that we hope will one, work…, and two- inspire others to make fighting and questing at night less dangerous and more enjoyable! 

  • Adventurers Guild content! If you’re one of the people who have been paying attention to the new Adventurers Guild content we will have some of those drops at our event, so come get your cross plot questing on!

We hope that these highlights peak your interest without spoiling any of the opportunities to roleplay and discover the actual plot at the event itself!

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