Wednesday, January 10, 2018

An Announcement from the Adventurers Guild

Hello adventurers of the Realms!

The Adventurers Guild will have an assortment of tasks that need doing at Leviathan this year, and we would like to tell you all about them.

Goblin Boom Squad
A group of goblins have been planning an attack on Rhiassa for some time now.  While their conspiracy is widespread among many goblin tribes, it does lack organization.  We are seeking adventurers to infiltrate their operation and replace their explosive goblin bombs with similar looking duds.  We will provide adequate disguises and the materials to construct the duds.

Lava Diving
Deep beneath Cold Springs lies a cavern with a hot spring.  Even deeper than that lies a magma chamber.  In that chamber there are some enchanted lava stones that we would like you to recover.  Beware, however, of the beast that dwells in the lava itself.

Imperium Commanders
We have been given the location of several members of the faction known as the Imperium in and around the area of Rhiassa who are targets wanted for capture by one Canary Cowl.  While she would like these targets brought back alive for questioning, these bounties don’t require it.

Alchemical Reagents
We also have an update on our ongoing requests for alchemical reagents.  We are still looking for these and will pay out 1 gold for every two reagents turned in to a member of the Adventurers Guild:

Reanimated Bones (89/200)
Valehaven Crystals (74/200)
Glowcap Mushrooms (0/200)

Finally we are announcing a new way for our members to make gold: work contracts.  At several gatherings a year we will be announcing new work contracts.  At these gatherings we will have a description of what good we need crafted, and a maximum price we are willing to pay for these goods.  The artisans of the Realms will have until the end of the gathering to bid on these contracts and the guild will take whichever offer is best.  As long as the item is crafted to our described standards, and within the agreed time limit, the crafter will be paid out upon receipt of the item.  We will only give a contract out to one individual at a time.  Please direct any questions about work contracts to any member of the Adventurers Guild in private missive, or see us at the Feast of the Leviathan in Rhiassa this weekend.

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