Wednesday, January 3, 2018

WIWTG: Stacked Deck Final Table 3

Poker has a long history in our game. The stacked deck, started a few years ago with the help of Tao and the Gambler’s Guild in response to the Order of the List. In my opinion, it’s been a good addition to our game, every now and then I hear people talking about how there are too many tournaments, too much fighting, or not enough immersion in our game, which in my opinion is bunk, but I enjoy fighting, and I find immersion through it, so my opinion doesn’t apply. The Stacked Deck offers an opportunity for people to engage in competition with each other, outside of combat, and immerse themselves in character driven roleplay. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard while sitting around the poker table, how many deals I’ve witnessed, or the mysteries I’ve learned from hanging out in a casino. And that’s saying something, because I don’t generally spend much time there.

Now I don’t gamble myself, but I often enjoy sitting around the table watching my friends gamble. I always get this old world feel from it, like there are a bunch of gritty medieval spies passing along information in the most subtle of ways. A lot of politics can happen between the passing of chips if you’re paying attention.

Along with the competitive gambling, and watching champions have at, the stacked deck offers an initiative from Andrew Disbrow to promote immersion into the game by putting out the expectation of people to have garb, and in character drinkware. I think this is a small effort to put forward towards immersion, and I think this is a good event to start it at, to smoothly transition the expectation from him upon the game. I hope it goes well for him.

The event takes place at a new to the realms site. NexGen Comics in Pelham NH, while the owner, Steve “Shadow/Jace” Hinkle, has been a long time participant in the game, and himself is a champion at the poker tables, it’s good to see him taking on a new role within the game and offering his shop for the use of our events. While combat won’t be allowed within the shop, there is the potential for places outside of the shop for combat, should the need arise. I think this is a good allowance for what should be a non com event over all.

You guys probably want to know who the champions of the cards are so far so you can make your side bets, huh?

*All name and their spellings are provided by the stacked deck officials.*

2017 Standings
! 1. Jayce 21
! 2. Daekara 16
! 3. Avendar 16
! 4. Zatara 15
! 5. Rillan 14
! 6. Vawn 12
7. Mestoph 7
8. Kalil 7
! 9. Slade 7
! 10. Mathias 6
! 11. Jack 6
! 12.Therrian 5
! 13. Rorin 5
! 18. Phoenix 3
! 15. Kharma 4
16. Tao 3

!*17. Sir Shean 3

19. Nymbious 2
20. Runaris 2
21. Gordon 1
22. Belle 1

24. Mr Rage 1
25. Noss 1
#14. Trent 5
# 23. PJ 1

* Not playing in the final tournament
#-not attending

Concerned that not being among those listed above means that you'll have no reason to go to the tournament? This event also offers a wild card table which if won at will allow the player into the final table to potentially win it all. Which is kind of an epic opportunity for a comeback story, if you weren't able to play throughout the year, or if you lost too many hands of cards.

Or if poker isn't your style the Neden Casino and Cantival will be there for onlookers, or people who just want to try and win back their losses. So have at!

Well anyway, it should be a fun event, and I look forward to seeing you on the field!


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