Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What You missed at Bicolline August 11-19


Bataille de Bicolline is a participative event in the heart of the biggest medieval-fantasy gathering in North America, and where more than 3000 participants will be part of an epic battle!”

  People from Realms attended and represented Realms as a whole and their nations in a setting under an Embassy Banner.  As a group we attended many meetings, gatherings, social events, War preparations, dinners and of course drinking gatherings.

  5 of us attended the Thoarsday celebration at Ragnarok  where you must wear blue (we are the first Americans to ever have been invited to this celebration last year and again this year) . Thoarsday is a big family Dinner with more food than you can eat ,we provided cupcakes  made by our repetitive from Chimeron, a member of the order of the spoon  “Mel”, Freedom cupcakes chocolate cake, blue icing, maple drizzle and bacon chunks on top.  We also brought and launched fire lanterns with our Family when it was dark to finalize the magical evening before we went to listen to music

 The Bards that attended with us were asked to play for a dinner on a pirate ship captained by Calysto . Although it rained pretty hard the bards persevered and played longer than they were hired to play and have been asked to play the pirates dinners for years to come.  Some of the new members of the embassy from lands north east (BC) also played and sang.

The members of the Embassy Received 3 awards Swoop and Ferren were knighted by the Emperor and Sir Shean received a medal for his kills on the battlefield with a bow.

Sir Shean's Award in English reads "To the imperial heroes that made blood flow by way of steel fist and true faith. Their sacrifice and their hostility made the Empire March towards victory. Glory to heroes !"

(12 people who are not part of Realms have asked to join with us at Bicolline 3 from British Columbia, 2 from, NY, 2 from NJ and a Family from Tennessee)

Sir Shean O’Quinnlin
Lord of Creathorne
Ambassador of the Realms Embassy

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