Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What You Missed- Tournaments of Chaos

By Natalia "Shadar" Kostenko

I can sum up my experiences at my very first Tournaments of Chaos in 3 haikus. Why would I do that, you ask? Well if I learned anything this weekend it’s definitely that we don’t have to answer that question anymore.

A goose, a minion,
A meatball...the table flips
Webbed squishy bits

Banana bana
Na banana banana
Bananana. Fight

Finally I have
More than zero list points. Suck
It Tucker and Kyle.

Unfortunately I skipped the night quest to hang in the tavern and play many rousing games of Beirut, complete with the musical stylings of several dying cats (or maybe my fellow tournament participants? A few beers in I couldn’t tell). So no haikus about that. The tournaments themselves, however, were conducted in a very fun, sportsmanlike, and of course chaotic fashion. Everyone had a great time, even when some of us got turned into thralls. This situation was handled effectively with a combination of temporary undead-living segregation, and Trent telling the thralls to get off his lawn. Overall, a very wholesome event to fight your friends at.

After a long weekend of tiring competition and Syruss brutally mispronouncing his name, Torolf (Trolf? Toorf? Trollof?) emerged overall victorious as our Chaotic Champion (while also somehow being most lawful). A huge congratulations to him and all the winners of the other categories too! A big thank you to the event holders as well for giving me this opportunity to be super confused and super entertained for a whole weekend. They also donated all the proceeds from their event to the Betie family fundraiser, so major props for helping our fellow Realms community members in their time of need.


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