Thursday, March 5, 2020

Yosei Fight Rules

by Zach Senchuk

One of the many different aspects people of the Realms will encounter as they explore the lands of Tenghua are Yosei and their handlers. Adventurers of the Realms will have opportunities to befriend/tame these Yosei and fight alongside them in Yosei matches, both with other wild Yosei but in addition against people of Tenghua/other Adventurers in matches using Yosei they have befriended/tamed.

Yosei fights are a match of 6v6. Each team will have the chance to choose the Yosei they would like to use after seeing the arena, but each team may only have 1 Yosei of each unique name on their team at a time. Before the fight both teams will have a chance to see the abilities of the enemy Yosei by lining up and showing each other their Yosei cards.

Yosei Stats: Every Yosei will have the following things located on it’s card:

Element- This is located in the upper right of the card, and is also indicated by the color of the card. This stat shows what type of missile that Yosei may throw unless otherwise noted by other text on the card.

Aura Armor- This is armor that is used up the first time a Yosei is struck by any non armor piercing blow to any legal hit location.

Missiles- This is how many missiles the Yosei will bring to the fight at the start of the match. Yosei may throw any Missiles of their Element, and colorless, unless otherwise stated by their Yosei Card/ their team’s Yosei Cards.

Weapon Length- Yosei have a wide range of physical capabilities, the length of their weapon is determined by this stat.

Abilities- Each Yosei have different abilities that will affect their impact on the combat. These are located in the bottom center of the Yosei Card.

Terrain: There will be different Terrain across the different arenas of Teng Hua. These impact the way you and your team will strategize on what Yosei to bring and your team compositions. You can always expect Missiles of that type of Terrain to be on/near that Terrain feature.  The possible Terrain and their rules are as follows: 

Metal: Blocks what it Blocks

Wind: Blocks what it Blocks

Wood: Blocks what it Blocks

Earth: Blocks what it Blocks

Void: One foot in it’s gone, two feet in you’re dead.

Fire: One foot in it’s gone, two feet in you’re dead.

Water: Must kneel while in water terrain

Special Combat Calls: 

Many Abilities that Yosei have resemble spells in our magic system, however Yosei can also perform abilities that the casters of The Realms cannot. This small list is not exhaustive of the abilities and effects Yosei are capable of but will introduce you to the most common ones.

Root- Cannot move feet for 10 seconds

Bind- Cannot move arms for 5 Seconds

Freeze- Cannot move ANYTHING for 5 seconds, immune to damage during the time period.

Silence- Cannot talk for 10 seconds

Disarm- Must immediately drop anything in their hands, cannot pick it up until it reaches the ground.

(OOC: It is our hope that with these rules new players coming into the plot will have an idea of how these fights will work, but also give clarity to any players interested in using these rules outside of our event series. I hope our players stick with us as we develop this, and many other aspects of the plot. I can’t thank you all enough for how well you all have bought in so far, and we look forward to ramping into the event series as the year continues)