Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Basic and Limited Yosei

by Zach Senchuk

Any of the Yosei found on View for Valehaven with the Folkestone watermark can be printed and played with for fun (and we encourage you to) anytime you wish to use Yosei in a more "official" way (at events for plot reasons) you will have to use the non-watermarked version. We hope this will allow everyone to enjoy the fun of making different teams and identifying which Yosei they would like to trade for, while not making it so you have to have them before testing them out.
[Editor's Note: to see the post on Yosei fights, please click here]


Basic Yosei: These Yosei can be befriended by all people of the Realms, the ways to attract them are outlined in this article:


Some Yosei will be released in only a limited capacity- these Yosei can be traded (as with all Yosei) but will not be able to be tracked down again in the future when looking for wild Yosei.

As more Yosei become known to us, we will update the lists that will be going out later this week.