Wednesday, March 4, 2020

What You Missed: You! You! Fight to the Death! 1020

By Ethan "Alias" Knight

You you fight to the Death was a tournament where new players fought to the Death. They had tournaments with different weapon combos. They ran through all the weapon combos. I won the pike tournament and got second place in the dagger tournament. They also had puzzles. They had a puzzle packet that you obtained by fighting an NPC. The puzzles were difficult because you had to know the different nations. I did not know the nations so I had to go and socialize and talk to people from different nations and learn about the different nations. They also had a mage maze which I did not get a chance to do so I can not tell you anything about it. There was a bean bag toss or they called magic missile toss. They had archery where you shot at 3 different targets for different amounts of points. I lost badly at that. At the end there were prizes. The prizes consisted of gold and a magic amulet that grants the welder one learning of regenerations, and a very cool single short made by WPI’s very own Kersten/Ypnn. This was a very interesting event if they do this again next year I recommend you go.