Friday, March 6, 2020

Rumors for March 1020

[Across the Realms]

Individuals identifying themselves as part of the Order of Many Pasts have been seen at taverns, churches, and other gathering places. They have apparently been asking to interview people about their dreams. They are friendly when turned down, but seem to be unusually, unnervingly interested in even the most trivial dreams that are shared.
Word on the wind's breath is that there is a strong magical creature called a "Praecantatio Osseus Leo" in the distant mountains of an unmarked region. Supposedly this creature holds an ancient curse set upon it by the dark one as a means of trying to gain control over it. Word has it that recently, this beast was found dead with its head removed, likely as a trophy. Some travelers have also been overheard discussing that the head of the beast may still hold the curse that was placed upon it, caution is advised.


In taverns throughout Chimeron, the common folk can be heard sharing sightings of a mysterious white creature running through the woods. Scouts and hunters have so far been unable to track this creature, so accounts vary wildly as to what it is or if it even truly exists.

[Dark Isle]

A rumbling through the island can be heard. Villagers have begun to go missing on the Blackwood and Grimloch sides of the island. A strange green and Bright Glow emanates from the Creathorne Embassy.


On the South Eastern Shore Near Silverport, Lightning And thunder thrashes the sky as it seems that the Storm portal has been reactivated. In Silverport a strange light is emanating from the Tower of Mourning.

[Teng Hua]

The Prefecture of Hana no Okoku and the Yashida family have been busily preparing for the Spring Flower Festival. Not only will the Emperor be in attendance, but rumor has it that representatives from the Watanabe and Matsumoto families will also be in attendance. As all three families trade in similar things, one has to wonder if business will be discussed.
A red haired woman, seemingly from the mainland, wearing a blue and white tabard has been seen wandering Teng Hua, with purpose, speaking with different landowners. She seems to be scouting for an area to hold some sort of tournament.
Yosei handlers everywhere are getting ready for the warmer months and the yosei tournaments that come with them. With the influx of new handlers it seems that the League may have to hold some more entry level tournaments. Rumor has it that the Grand Tournament at the end of the season may have an extra special prize.