Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Boff Brawl Semi-Final Match 3

The Winner of the first championship semi-final match was: Tao with Samurai Jack!
The Winner of the second championship semi-final match was: Saka with Korra!

Now here is a brutal looking lineup for match 3!

Player 1 - Trent. Character, Leonardo.
Leonardo would first attempt to get She-Ra and Zuko on board with taking out Skeletor first. As a Skeletor victory would have serious ramifications to the Universe as a whole. He would then confer with Master Splinter on the tactics to use against the remaining competitors, fighting honorably. Relying on Donatello to keep Raphael and Michelangelo from a repeat of their dishonorable performance in round one.

Player 2 - Gordon. Character, Zuko.
Macro strategy: Zuko is an honorable fighter, and I would direct him to take either a 1v1 or a 2v2 in this scenario. I will use the fact that She-Ra and Skeletor are naturally predisposed to fight one another to either ally with Gwen or to separate myself from their fight completely and go toe-to-toe with Leonardo.

Micro: Leonardo and Zuko both fight Florentine, which will lead to an even match of skill between the two, tilted in favor of Zuko as he approaches due to his firebending. Leonardo lacks any arcane skills, and is accustomed to fighting as part of a team, whereas Zuko has had to fend for himself.
I now either have to fight Skeletor or She-Ra...

Against Skeletor, I think the best strategy would be to kite him and frustrate him. Zuko has heard every insult to the point where nothing fazes him, but Skeletor’s temper is legendary. Eventually, he will try to shoot lightning from his hands, overconfident and frustrated, and Zuko’s ability to redirect that lightning will be the key to victory.

Looking back to Gwen’s Quarterfinal match, she already defeated a Zuko by using the versatility of the Sword of Protection! If she opts for a long weapon using its transformation power, then I will keep her at range using firebending until the Honor of Grayskull compels her to match weapon styles, and then we have a legendary and clean fight!

Player 3 - Kyro. Character, Skeletor.
Skeletor's main tool for this battle would be his ability to hypnotize foes and control their every action. If someone happens to be able to reflect his hypnotize, he could reflect it back. If this leads to an infinite loop, Skeletor would teleport away and move on to the next step.

Given Skeletor's mastery of teleportation, I would have him first focus on teleporting away from any combat and moving me to a safe location. Once he is in a safe spot and all of the Champions are fighting each other, I would have him teleport in and hypnotize the players.

Anyone who hasn't command their champion to defend them would be easy prey.
He would tell the players to command their champions to ignore him and focus on the other enemies. While the champions ignore him, Skeletor would attempt to hypnotize them.
If Skeletor manages to hypnotize everyone, goto Operation Half-Decent Underlings.

If he managed to hypnotize any champions, he would command them to fight the other non-hypnotize champions. Even if they don't happen to win a fight, they would be the perfect distractions while Skeletor works his magic.

If She-Ra wasn't hypnotized, she would be Skeletor's first target. While She-Ra was busy fighting other Champions, Skeletor would take his time to line up a shot on the gem at the hilt of her sword.
Once the gem is damaged, she would lose the powers granted to her by Grayskull. She would turn back into Princess Adora and would be susceptible to Skeletor’s hypnotism. Once hypnotized, Skeletor would command Princess Adora to protect him and heal him if anyone managed to injure him.

Next, I’d tell Skeletor to make two pizzas.

We would both share the first pizza, so that we are not hungry and tempted to eat the second pizza. Skeletor would then collect some bitter almonds, extract their cyanide, and add it to the second pizza. Skeletor would deliver the pizza to the battlefield while disguised. No one could resist a slice of the pizza, especially not Leonardo.

Now, I know what you're thinking.
You monsters, you killed Leonardo!!!
Don't worry; he's a red-eared slider turtle.
The cyanide would incapacitate him, but it wouldn't actually kill him. Leonardo's species has a secondary method for producing ATP and can survive for weeks without oxygen.

Essentially, he would be stuck in a state of hibernation for a few hours while the cyanide is metabolized. Skeletor would take the opportunity to hypnotize him while he is unable to defend himself.

Lastly, Skeletor would head to the nearest grave site and reanimate some human bones.
Skeletor is able to reanimate dinosaurs, so I think he could handle a few human skeletons.
Knowing that Zuko can't reach blue flame temperatures with his firebending, these skeletons would be mostly immune to his fire.

It would take Zuko an hour or two of constant attention to calcify and destroy their bones.
Eventually the repeated punches and bites would take Zuko down.
If he managed to defeat a wave of skeletons, Skeletor would just summon another set.
Once he was knocked out, Skeletor would then freeze him into a large block of ice.
The moment he begins to wake up, Skeletor would hypnotize him.

With all of the champions is under his control, Skeletor would hypnotize the remaining players and move on to Operation Half-Decent Underlings.

Operation Half-Decent Underlings:
All combat is over.
I guess I win this round, but that doesn't really matter anymore.
We would all take a moment to fix up our weapons, heal wounds, and raise anyone who died.
Skeletor would then create a portal to Snake Mountain and we would all join him to plan an assault on Castle Grayskull.

Our first strike would involve the players and all of Skeletor old crappy minions.
Each player would take the charge of a siege of one of Eternia's cities.
If He-man or any of his kin go to fight us, they won’t be at home to defend Grayskull; otherwise, this just serves as a means to keep all of the terrible minions busy.

Skeletor and the champions would then attack Castle Grayskull.
With some decent minions, Skeletor would easily take over the castle.

He would finally have access to the secrets of Grayskull.

Player 4 - Gwen. Character, She-ra.

Okay, another tough fight ahead of us here with a lot of worthy combatants. But She-ra is smart and adaptable and has the tools to deal with each of them by changing her Sword of Protection into different weapons.

When facing off against Leonardo she would morph her sword into a pike and use her range to keep his florentine style back, not allowing him to advance on her while she slowly whittles him down with a fury of blows.

When toe to toe against Zuko she would transform the sword into a massive shield and rush in on him  deflecting any fire that he throws at her. Once in range she would bash him with the shield to knock him prone and then finish him off with her fists!

Skeletor is a tough and legendary advisory to all of the Masters of the Universe and She-ra certainly understands what a danger he is to all of Eternia and even Etheria. She knows his powers well and is smart enough to not get in range of his hypnotism or his lightning. She would transform her sword into a bow and rain arrows down upon him giving him no chance to ready a counterattack. When she has the opportunity to deliver a final strike she would transform the Sword of Protection into it's flame sword form and blast him with it.