Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Boff Brawl Semi-Final Match 4

The Winner of the first championship semi-final match was: Tao with Samurai Jack!
The Winner of the second championship semi-final match was: Saka with Korra!
The Winner of the third championship semi-final match was: Kyro with Skeletor!

And now for the last of the semi-final matches!!!

Player 1 - Kindrianna. Character, Leonardo.
Leonardo’s greatest weapon in this match, despite how cool his swords are (I’m looking at you, Aeston), is going to be patience. Drifting through the battlefield like a phantom out of a campfire ghost story, I’d instruct him to employ a combination of guerilla tactics, smoke bombs, and stealth right out the gate. In their first matches, two of my opponents relied on fighting defensively to gather intelligence, and ranged attacks respectively; neither of which they can do with Leonardo. Why? Because they cannot find him if he doesn’t want to be found, and they would exhaust energy and time in trying to find him, leaving them vulnerable to other opponents.

Janus utilizing Garnet’s Future Vision would prove problematic to this strategy, so Leonardo and I would resort to dirty ninja tactics by flooding the “rivers of possibility” as it were. Or startling Garnet so badly (not hard for a ninja) that they might unfuse.

Furthermore, Leonardo and I will rely on our opponent’s more destructive and flashy capabilities to create debris and hiding places, cover, and opportunity. If all else fails, the two of us can reminisce about the ’80s while Donatello invents a gadget to shut down all these wonky powers and bring the battle to a contest of swords and will, and no one is more defiant than a teenager with a chip on their shoulder.

P.S. Cowabunga.

Player 2 - Kovaks. Character, She-ra.
Any plan only lasts until first contact with the opponent. The best plan is to have no plan at all. Newbie flail, Falcon Scramble, whatever you want to call it. Button mash and hope for the best!

Player 3 - Saegan. Character, Korra.
Both Kovaks and Kindrianna stood back in the previous round, trying to allow other competitors  to interact to get the focus off of themselves. I would have Korra go directly for Kovaks/ She-ra first. Utilizing earth bending as a strong offense. Causing spikes of earth to erupt from the ground and demolishing She-ra quickly.

I would keep an eye on Kindrianna with Leonardo, so as to keep their stealth from being an end to me. Hoping that my initial assault on She-ra would cause Leonardo to go after Garnet, and the stealth and invisibility would over come them.

We’re Leo to come after Korra initially, I would assault him with water. Relying on his turtle nature to cause him to be free of fear of it. But I would simply freeze the water and leave him in stasis, disabled from the fight.

As for Garnet; the use of future vision and time magic is a conundrum, as being able to anticipate a person’s entire moves to is a strong match. However as a speed fighter I understand the importance of stillness. I understand that action requires time to react and decide. I would have Korra overwhelm Garnet with thousands of minor and unrelenting attacks to overwhelm them and remove the advantage of predictability by sheer overwhelming action.

Korra is a tournament champion and has the ability to destroy cities. We would win.

Player 4 - Janus. Character, Garnet.
So, first things first, be sure to go into the fight with the upgraded fists that Bismuth provided you.  That way you essentially have three blades on each fist, which is like having six swords.  Now that appeasing Aeston is out of the way, time to go on to the main strategy.

Protecting yourself:  Keep your fists closed unless you need to grab something.  Your gems are two of your biggest weaknesses, and as long as the gloves are on, they will be hard to crack or shatter.  Be careful about Korra and her earth bending, so do your best not to be her sole focus...well, if she realizes it’s you anyways.  If she starts moving the gems around, shapeshift to keep them attached to you while fighting back.  I know you can go all eldritch horror on her, like when you taught Pearl, Stephen and Amethyst a lesson about keeping secrets.

Now, Korra and She-Ra share a weakness.  They are hot-headed.  And if you arrange it properly, you can use that against Leonardo.  Use future vision to make sure it’s not a terrible idea, but if you shapeshift into Leonardo, and anger Korra and She-ra using your savage burns, you can have the three of them focusing on fighting each other.

When the dust clears, one should survive.  If it’s She-Ra, be nimble and get in really close, so you are in that zone where it’s really hard to use a sword.  If it’s Leonardo, use your rocket fists from range.  If it’s Korra, once again distract her, and an opening will show itself.  And when in doubt, trust your future vision.

Finally, if it looks like somebody is bringing in allies (I’m looking at you Leonardo), call in the rest of the crystal gems.  I’d like to see them stop a giant woman.