Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why I Want to Go- TOC20

TOC20: 20 years now get off my lawn
May 24, 2013 (Friday 6pm) - May 27, 2013 (Monday 2pm)

This event is huge! It has the largest attendance of any Realms event during the year. It has so much to do; this year features a wide variety of combat tourneys (Order of the List points), quests (on some reopened trails), food (a pig roast), and non-combat tourneys (campfire dessert cook, brewing, siege equipment, MtG, Risk, other board games, a casino, and others). There are also kids tournaments and quests. There will be sooooo much going on! This is an excellent event for doing stuff and then hanging out afterward and having a good time.

A number of the non-combat tourneys will require some prep on your part before the event so make sure to check out the event listing to see which ones you want to enter and see what you'll need to prepare for it. As mentioned, a number old quest trials will be reopened, so there will be something new for those who think they've seen the entire site before.

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