Friday, May 17, 2013

Blast from the Past - Part 14

Once upon a time the Realms had a dedicated body of Marshals who offered their services to do such things as weapons inspections and tourney marshalling at anyone's events...called the Marshal's Guild. Here is the Marshal's Guild Handbook from 1992. Is there a place for such an organization in our modern-day Realms? Yes, I believe there is. (copy provided by Janna "Iawen" Oakfellow-Pushee)

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  1. I had discussed restarting the Marshals guild about 4 years ago. It was at that time Chris was pushing for the start of the OOTL. We ended up deciding 4 heads are better than 1 and that the OOTL will take on all the roles of the marshals guild. So far we have done a great job and have inducted 2 people making our list of qualified marshals up to 8 very active members of the realms. We will keep up the good work I promise you.