Monday, May 20, 2013

Question of the Week - 93

Do you think players should have more of a say in the rules than they already do?


  1. there should only be 1 meeting where everyone that wants a vote can be heard.

  2. yes, they should, I also like the one meeting idea

  3. No.

    I disagree on the one meeting unless it's EH only and we setup a more streamlined feedback system. (online pre-meeting player voting similar to the view awards? Maybe an absentee ballot for those with out internet.)

    I feel a meeting with both players and EHs would muddle the process and make meetings much longer.

  4. I'm a player and I feel like I have ample say in the rules. I engage with the proposals on Realmsnet, I submit my own proposals, I engage and vote at the Player's meeting. Anything I have influence over is a result of my ideas and articulated points, not a systematic weight given to my vote. That doesn't sound like a broken system to me. "I have good ideas but can't convince anyone of them but want to push them through anyway." That does not sound like a recipe for a good game system.