Monday, May 13, 2013

Question of the Week - 92

What is your favorite event site and why?


  1. I love Lone Tree for the cabins and because I know it so well.
    I 'like' Ye Olde Commons for the Tavern.
    I miss Sterling.
    Abe's land offers great trails and uncounted possibilities, I just wish there was running water.

    I like exploring new sites, though.

  2. I like the Creathorne site for its tourney fields and ample camping. Not to mentioned clear areas for very well lit night quests.

    I like Abe's for the in the woods feel of things.

    I like Lone Tree for cabins and swimming

  3. I like Yipp's Land for the river and the giant open fields. Queen of Hearts site also enjoyable for giant open fields, plus long 'tavern'.
    I enjoy Lone Tree for both cabins, swimming/beach, tenting and the small fires, and general foot travel; I've almost memorized the site.
    I miss Sterling as well.
    Abe's Land rocks in general for being way out in the woods, but I wish it had a couple of more permanent structures for shelter (even if it was a small shed) and/or storage in different spots.
    Ye Olde Commons is decent and they're always making improvements.

  4. I like the Creathorne site for all the space there is to camp, the various trails, and the nice open tourney fields. The tavern having a dirt floor and being a wooden structure also lends itself well to feeling immersed in the environment.

    I also really like Abe's land, again for the feeling of immersion when you're out in the middle of the woods. I agree that the site would be even better with a permanent structure. Everyone who would like this to become a reality should consider coming to the workday at Abe's land on June 16th to help us prep the area for putting in a tavern, as well as do some work to help improve the site overall. More info on Realmsnet. :)

  5. any site I can drink on. While I don't need to drink to have a good time at an event, I enjoy, after playing, kicking back and relaxing with friends while tossing back a couple of cold ones. I play to relax and hang out. I do enjoy huge parties like Creathorne, but no way I could do that every weekend, more of casual drinking to let loose is the feel I want from realms events.

  6. I like Rrathchlwynn. It was my fist event site and every time I go something magical happens. Meteor showers, northern lights, creepy forms in the has a stream, a field, wooded trails, and a CASTLE! I don't go often, but when I do I have a good time.