Monday, October 27, 2014

Question of the Week- 168

We've been trying a lot of new things over here at the view
- Captions on event photos
- Write ups on what you missed
- Multiple posts per day
- More recipes
- More "guest writers"

We have very few ways of collecting feedback on what you think (page views, favorites on facebook, recommendations on G+, rare bits of direct feedback staff receive), and we really would like to know.  Are you loving it?  Hating it? Sick of the facebook posts?  Have suggestions for improvement?  Let us know!


  1. Loving it. Keep it up maybe some more IC posts :)

  2. Weird. I clicked "preview" and my comment appears to have been deleted...

    I have been enjoying all of the content, and I've especially appreciated Alex's G+ plugs to check the updates. I don't really have a preference for single versus multiple posts each day, but I feel as though the regularly scheduled weekly posts are good, and adding in any extra content on the fly would be a good approach.
    I also agree with Cal, I think IC content would be cool if people are up for writing it!

  3. I've been enjoying the IC event summaries as well. Also the variety of new featured/regular articles.

    You might already be doing something similar and just not receiving responses - but perhaps soliciting for opinion pieces based on the more "controversial" topics of the day would generate more interest in writing. You could target individuals you know have strong feelings on a particular subject to write a persuasive opinion piece.

  4. im loving it and all the new great ideas you guys keep coming up with!