Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WIWtG Artisans of the Blade 2

Feel the need to fight off the pounds accrued with the delicious food from the Black and White?  Or maybe you just need to show people that you are better at dancing with a blade than with a partner.

Artisans of the Blade (2) is a tiered tourney event geared at letting you showcase your skills.  People will be given a tier and will fight with like-abled individuals in various events.  Im sure we will see the classic and well loved fights, but I would be more thrilled about the more unique inventions.  For instance, the Zombie Hangman, and Rohodey's Challenge.  Who knows what that could entail?  Im sure it will be challenging.

So go to stay in prime shape.  Go to keep your blade sharp.  Go to have fun!

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