Friday, October 31, 2014

Fireside Chat with Janus

This week we premier a brand new set of 10 questions.  Our first victi volunteer is Janus, who will tell us a little insight into what it is to be, well, Janus.  We sat down at a cozy tavern.  Beside a roaring fire and over some very tasty mulled ale, he shared a few things with me.

Where do you get your power?

This is a weird mixed bag of sources.  When I first started adventuring I learned to tap into the power of the land, and I have stuck with that for most of the spells that I cast, even the non-regional magics. Occasionally, Luna listens when I petition her for aid, and my lycanthropy does give me a few small benefits.

A bag filled with ten thousand gold just fell on your lap.  Now what?
Honestly, after buying a new pair of pants for questing and a second surcoat for feasts, I'd finally be able to tip as much as I would like to.  Oh, and maybe just gamble some of it away with my friends.

 What does your bedroom look like?
Oh, it is a complete mess.  There are remains of small magical experiments everywhere, not to mention tons of half-written books and other papers filled with notes.  And seeing as I just got this room within the past year, that is saying a lot.

 Tell us about your favorite feast dish.
So, my favorite feast dish is one that complements the day I've had.  Right now, i'm thinking back to years ago, after questing in the cold and rain, getting to sit down at a feast, it might be most of them in the winter, early spring or late fall, and just having something warm.  A soup, a chilli, or even Mac and Cheese.  They just hit the spot perfectly, warming me from the inside out.  For an individual feast dish that I remember, I would have to say the stuffed breads at Leviathan.  I always eat too many of them.

There are always new boots on the field, what advice would you give them?
You are not your spells.  You are not your weapons.  Even without those, you can still achieve amazing things.  Sometimes you'll find yourself without anything to aid you, and learning to rise above it leads to greatness.
Additionally, keep a list of things you have done, both the good and bad.  Years down the line, you'll be happy that you can look back at it.  I have my list of "Things I am no longer allowed to do" which contains many of my early mistakes, but I look back at it and smile.

What was your life like before you began adventuring? 
I was a simple farmer for many years before I went adventuring.  I lived with my parents, who are both alive by the way, my brother and sister.  You've met Luca.  She came to look for me after I had been adventuring for several years.

Are you currently squired (knighted) and if so, to what order? Who is (was) your knight?
I am not currently squired or knighted, but I was an apprentice to the Magi of the Realms under Cecil, until I was kicked out.  Of course, they later decided to call it graduating, but that's besides the point.

Are you married or courting and if so, to/with who? 
I am not.  I am too busy at the moment with rebuilding efforts.

Where and how do you spend your time when you're not adventuring?
Recently, I have been in Chimeron rebuilding after the defeat of bedlam.  When not actively rebuilding, often I am working on other theories or teaching at the University of Highbridge.

Tell me about the most epic spell you ever cast.  Did it succeed?
This is very hard to choose, but this is definitely one of the more memorable ones.  I was in the Mage competition at Queen of Hearts, and I had a ritual that was very well prepared ahead of time.  I had note cards and everything!  Well, when it was time to do the ritual in front of everyone, I dropped the note cards, and they went everywhere.  Then other problems started to creep in.  The stage was too small.  Candles were burning the wrong color and started to bleed.  The ritual asked for a 4 hour meditation period!  I even had to repeat steps because they were out of order, and those still didn't work right!  At the end though, the ritual succeeded properly, and my immunity to poison was cast. was either that or the time I engulfed a room in fire leaving nothing behind...or when I summoned a balloon sword that harmed things...or could fly by flapping my know, I should stop now.  I could keep going for hours.

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  1. Janus, I can't begin to tell you how happy it made me to see someone remembered and loved Stuffed Bread! Thank you. Your bribe loaf of Pepperoni Stuffed Bread will be flattened, slid into a manila envelope and mailed to you shortly...