Thursday, January 29, 2015

Belts of the Eternal Flame

Matt "Sir Zula" Daviault


Photo by Jesse Gifford

1.      What year were you awarded your white belt?
I know it was at Feast of Folkstone 2005 or 2006

2.      Who administered "the punch" and-- be honest!!--did it hurt?
Jarrod did the honors.  The punch was solid, it didn’t hurt. The bruise it left for a week after did.

3.      Whose belt did you wear until you got your own, and how was this significant for you?
I wore Steve Matulewicz’s belt.  It was very significant; Steve was and still is a close friend and mentor to me.

4.      Please describe your own belt's heraldry.
It is a black willow tree with a red background.

5.      Why did you choose that heraldry to represent you?
It is the heraldry of the Darkwillow family; we are a small group of people from different places in the Realms who kind of adopted each other. 

6.      Who did the artwork on your belt?
Leanne Calagione Micciche

7.      What do you remember most about your knighting?
I remember Jarred, Tom, and Dave all talking about this guy.  I kept thinking I should know who they were talking to but had no idea.  I wasn’t till the end when they mentioned gambling that it dawned on me (at the time I was the only one running a casino, so happy it caught on). I also remember seeing people clapping and making noise, but not hearing any of it.

8.      What does being a KoEF mean to you?
This is a tough question as putting feelings into words as my other fellow Knights has said is difficult.
I have taken this to heart, in both realms and real life.  “To thine ownself be true”
It is a mantra that I use every day.  It means doing things that some people might not understand for the betterment of yourself or the Realms.

Photo by Travis Wilcox

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