Friday, May 29, 2015

Ask Syruss of Neden

Ask Sir Syruss

Sir Syruss is a seasoned adventurer with over 10 years of experience slaughtering undead and charming the ladies, beating up bad guys, frustrating good guys, and grossing out the ladies. So if you have a question no matter how bizarre, weird or funny (the funnier the better, then we can sell more issues of the View), consider asking the man who loves to tell you how to live your life……..even though no one tells you how to live your life. (OOC- Questions for Sir Syruss should be sent to View staff at

Dear Syruss,

What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a quest you have no reason to be on and don't care about? Do you pack up and head home? Find something to keep you entertained? Or do you cause trouble and make your own fun (because you know I hear you do that sort of thing)?

Your Friend and Secret Admirer,

Questing Troubles

Dear Un-Entertained Explorer,

Great question! Are you finding yourself killing more rats in a basement this weekend? Or perhaps you are sick of running this guy’s letters to this store clerk who gives you another package to give to his wife but she won’t sign for it until you find her long lost pen which somehow is being guarded by rats in the basement (fetch quests am I right?).  Or does this sound familiar: you fought your way through the castle, slaying all the minions, only to find the princess is in another castle? (Man I hate that).

Sometimes you find yourself stuck on cruise control in a situation that feels like deja-vu: you have been here and done that, you don’t care that the evil wizard released a curse to send a small village to foreign lands where they all forget their memories and need to be saved by a child and a book - YOU JUST DON’T CARE!!!!!!

So what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (Oh yeah, this is my part!). Here are a few things I do.

 1. What got you to go on this quest? Perhaps it was a fellow countryman’s idea. If so, why are they here? What’s important to them? More importantly, can you help them solve their problem or find their thing fast and get the heck out of there? If you are questing for the sake of a friend, it is good to help them finish up their goals. Remember why you said you would be there in the first place: the Magic of Friendship. Plus, if you can swallow the fact that you are helping them kill 100 rats today,  maybe they’ll owe ya one and go on a quest with you. (So one thing to try is helping someone today so someone can help you on a future quest).

2. How are the fighting forces of this quest? Does it seem like the Eastern Front is doing better because you didn’t split the armies correctly? This surely means the countries guarding the Western Flank are being pummeled with siege engines and dragons and all kind of exciting stuff. So if you are bored because the quest is a cake walk, go help the Western Flank - I guarantee they need the help. (Next thing you can consider, helping the Western Flank).

3. Perhaps you like more of a challenge, and frankly this gorilla monster throwing flaming barrels on you so you can save a princess is too easy and thus less fun. Make this more challenging on yourself! Perhaps you are the greatest hand-and-a half fighter who ever lived, but have gotten knocked out in the first round of every sword and shield contest you have ever entered, EVER. Well, take this opportunity to learn a new style. Maybe you have been relying on those seer spells to get you the answers you need for the past year, and your brain needs more of a challenge. Try seeing what others can come up with for clues and try solving the problem based off of other people’s information (or sometimes lack of information). I guarantee this is harder and more challenging. So break out your magnifying glass and start sleuthing your answers to solve this mystery! (Third thing to spice up the event, try something new and challenging. It may be a new fighting style, a new support casting build, perhaps a new roleplaying schtick. Either change is good as it keeps things fresh and it rounds you out as an adventurer).

4. Lastly, cause trouble!!!!!!! That’s right,  go nuts, but probably not too nuts. Make a deal with a bad guy, accept a contract to assassinate someone, steal that box of gold no one is watching. Do other people hate you? Sure. But hey, you’re having fun now right? Just remember the age-old adage: don’t take that thing if you can’t handle being hunted down by a collective army. (Last thing you can try, wait did you try the Western Flank yet? You did? Ok then, yeah, the last thing you can try is some good old-fashioned mischief - nothing crazy but enough to keep things light, friendly, and interesting).

There ya have it folks, some great things to try when you’re bored out of your mind. Remember it just like Lord Sir Nymbous O’Leary the Great and Powerful (he wants me to start using his titles) always says - “When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”

I hope this helps, sorry if it doesn’t but tune in next week for another adventure of ASK SYRUSS!


Sir Syruss O’Leary (now of NEDEN, Brand new look, same great taste)

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